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Working Out the Kinks

What are you tolerating?  What are you putting up with in your life that is slowing you down or draining your energy?  It’s all the things big and small that cause you stress and irritation, a moment of pause where you think “I really need to take care of or fix that”.  And then you move on but it’s still there in the back of your mind, weighing on you.  It's all the "shoulds" we have in our heads but haven't stopped to address, or even be sure it's truly something we need to do at this point in our lives.  It’s the clutter on your desk, it’s the call you need to make but keep putting off.  It’s the clothes in your closet that you can’t wear because they need repaired in some way or are too big or too small or outdated, but they’re in your way each morning when you’re getting ready for work.  It's the conversation you know you need to have about something that's not working but opt to tolerate the situation awhile longer. 

Picture a garden hose, now think of one that’s knotted up.  You know when it gets all twisted and kinked up throughout because you keep throwing it on the ground in a corner when you’re done?  You’re wrestling with it and the water is barely coming out.  Now imagine this same water hose but instead of knotted, it was wound up properly each time you used it and it uncoils effortlessly.  The water flows freely and is powerful. 

The water is our energy.  All those kinks and twists are the things you’re tolerating in your life.  The things you’re putting up with that are draining you & causing your life force to be a trickle…barely eking out to get through the day instead of flowing freely and powerfully.

In working with my clients, we start small.  First identifying and tackling each one based on priorities, time, etc.  My clients are absolutely amazed at what removing even the smallest of things they’ve been tolerating does for their energy level and sense of accomplishment.  And never mind what happens when we get to the big stuff, it’s amazing!

This is also about simplifying and steam-lining your life.  I read an interview of Dr. Oz recently in O Magazine where he said he recently learned that “..the more decisions we make in a day, the more likely we are to make bad decisions – because decisions wear us down.  And unfortunately, one way to fuel the brain to make more decisions is to feed it carbs.  So as the day goes on, you start to crave more carbs.  So here’s a simple tip: To the extent that it is possible, don’t make so many decisions.  Do what you can to automate your life (and your food) during the day.”  This interview focused on weight/health and know being at a healthy weight is also incredibly important when it comes to our energy levels, but it is also tied to what we’re talking about here today.  All our tolerations build up and add to our stress levels.  They also add to the number of decisions we need to make each day and/or slow our ability to make a decision.  It’s all interfering with the flow of your life, with your energy and the quality of your days.

This is of course an ongoing process.  I have a long list that I've been working on with my coach and I feel incredibly better with each step I take.  And speaking of, as I look around me, I realize it's been hectic since getting back from our trip late Monday and things have gotten a little, um,'s time to clean off & organize my desk.  Have a great day!