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The Power of Good Questions

Your brain is an amazing tool (Meant to be directed by you, not it running you with endless unconscious mind chatter.). When you ask your wonderful brain a question it is going to provide you with answers.

But what type of questions are you asking? 
If you ask crappy questions, you will get crappy answers. Yes, I know, “crappy” is indeed a very technical coaching term. But seriously, think about it. If you say to yourself, “This will never work! Why does this always happen? Why does this team always screw up?”, our brain goes to work coming up with all those negative things we have on auto-reply that keep us stuck (You know the ones…we suck; Too busy, tired,[insert excuse of choice here]; poor me, I’m not responsible, we’re the victim here, this is someone else’s fault…I blame Joe!) .

Is all that BS you just told yourself making you feel ready to go out & conquer the world? Didn’t think so. 

We need better questions. So the next time you’re facing a setback or problem, what if you said this instead: “Hmmm, isn’t this interesting?! What’s really going on here? What does this have to teach me/us?” or “Ok, that didn’t work - how can I/we overcome this obstacle?” Do you feel the difference? Are you open & looking for solutions? Now all that amazing brain power is focused & being used as the powerful problem solving tool it is. 

Your challenge today, should you chose to accept it: At both a personal & professional level, notice the types of questions you’re asking on a consistent basis. Can you replace even one with something more powerful that better serves you or your team? Notice the energy you’re putting out there. Is it negative, downward-spiral, blame game, problem focused energy that keeps you & your co-workers stuck? Or are you bringing positive, collaborative, solution focused energy that will move you forward?
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