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The Top 10 Ways to Solve a Problem

I'm very happy to report that things are picking up & going well in the new year for Be YOU, Inc.  As a result, will be moving to a blog schedule of at least twice a week but not daily.  Thank you all for your support & for the opportunity to work with you and be a part of the amazing results you're making happen!  Have a great Friday & wonderful weekend!!

Now for the Top 10 Ways to Solve a Problem:

1. Ignore it for a while; see if it solves itself.

2. State it to be a crisis and invest many resources to solve it.

3. Give the problem to someone who's job it is to solve it.

4. Identify the source of the problem first.

5. Throw money at it.

6. Realize that it's NOT a problem at all and treat it like the opportunity that it is!

7. Do the opposite of what you'd normally to do to solve the problem.

8. Identify the 5 steps that will solve the problem.

9. Extend your boundaries immediately so that this type of problem doesn't happen again.

10. Change yourself, or increase your context/perspective, so that it's no longer a problem.

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