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Who is Running Your Day?

I COMPLETELY understand how difficult this can be but it truly makes a difference. Even if you can just incorporate a little at a time, take baby steps. My Bberry used to be the last thing I looked at when I went to bed and the first thing I checked in the morning. It's not exactly a great way to get into a restful state before bed nor is it the most productive way to begin a day. I would say 90% of the time at least one of the messages I read made me angry or worry about something I couldn't do anything about at the moment. I did make progress, some weeks were better than others. I was more effective and felt so much better though when I did prioritize and say "no" to the things that just weren't important. There are boundaries we all need to have in place, both for our ability to truly be productive and ultimately for our overall health. What's something that you can start doing this week to better run your days vs. having them run you?