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We CAN Do it All....Maybe Just Not All at Once

I’m home from the store with a trunk full of groceries.  I eye it all and think, I should probably do this in two trips.  Nah, I can get it all at once.  It will be quicker.  First I make sure I have my door key readily available so I can maneuver through the multiple doors I need to get through, then I begin to strategically distribute the weight between my two arms.  I give my right side a bit more load because it is the stronger of the two.  Triumphant, I have everything!  I may look like a pack mule but I’ve got it all!  As I’m crossing the garage I think this is kind of uncomfortable but I tell myself it’s a little like I’m getting a workout too!  I get to the first door that thankfully doesn’t need a key so I can pull it open without too much awkward movement.  The second door however needs the key and as I am twisting to get the key in, all while trying to hold everything up, I can’t quite get it.  Ugh, this is uncomfortable, oh @$@#$!.  The keys clank on the floor.  So I slowly set down the bags I have on my left arm, pick up the keys and unlock the door.  I stretch and bend to get the bags as I hold the door open with my leg, and as I come up and around I realize one of my German neighbors is standing there waiting to get through the door, looking at me strangely.  I smile, am sure I turn red, embarrassed at how ridiculous I must look.  He says something in German that I don’t understand so I add a nervous laugh to this awesome picture and tell him I don’t speak German.  In English, he asks if I need help.  Oh no, Danke – I’ve got it.  He shrugs, I give him the door awkwardly and move on.  Now for the stairs, half way up I’m thinking why in the hell didn’t I do this in two trips?!  I’m losing my grip on one of the bags, I can feel it slipping but I’m almost there.  I try a kind of jerky movement hoping it will jolt it back into place.  It doesn’t.  It just hurt.  Almost…to…the…top (I think I’m sweating at this point).   Not going to make it.  I try to block the bag from slipping by leaning up against the wall…too late, it’s a goner.  @$#@#%%, I watch as the contents of the bag tumble down the stairs (this is happening in slow motion of course).  Ugh, awesome.  

Why are we always trying to carry too much at once?  We CAN do it all….just not all at once.  Even when we do pull it off without dropping something, it isn’t a pretty picture while we’re doing it.  Afterwards we’re exhausted and there’s always more there waiting on us.  And it took us more time, not less.  By prioritizing what is most important to us this year, this month…even down to this week or on this day, we get done what is most important and we do it with much less effort.  All while looking and feeling a whole lot better.  So maybe I prioritize the frozen foods as first on my list, and then I go for what needs to be refrigerated, prioritizing the meat first in that round, then the boxed and canned goods and finally things like the laundry detergent and toothpaste.  It all gets done in less time and with much less effort than that fiasco.

Oh, and someone sees my struggle, offers help and I say “No thank you”?!  No, no – I’ve got this.  I can do it.  What?  I’m training for the “carry the most groceries” Olympics event coming up in London and I’m going for the Gold??

Sound familiar?  Someone offers help that we need but no, no…can do it all by ourselves thank you very much, sporting a big “S” on our chest.  Or maybe too embarrassed to admit we bit off more than we can chew but even if we’re going down, we’re doing it on our own terms?!

What’s most important to you this year, this month, this week, this day?  Project yourself to the end of this day, what would you feel absolutely awesome about being able to say you accomplished today?