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Be YOU, Inc. – What’s in a name? Well the equation for Authentic Success of course!

Be YOU + YOU, Inc. = Authentic Success

Be YOU is about being authentic.  It is about knowing & living from a clear understanding of who you are & what is most important to you.  It is about knowing what you value, your purpose & mission in life, what makes you happiest & what your leadership & communication style are.  It is being brutally honest about what your strengths & weaknesses are, acknowledging what is working and what isn’t.  It’s about being able to take in all the advice, feedback & observations you get along the way, holding them up to this foundational YOU and knowing what is of value & can be used for your growth and what you’ll just have to pass on.  YOU have unique talents, skills & experiences that are needed.  YOU being YOU is about having the courage to step up & into them.  It is about owning your unique talents & power because these are the things that bring joy to life.  It is about showing up for life, as you & not a knockoff version of someone else or what someone told you that you should be.  We all get a little lost at times along the way, but the stronger your foundation is in knowing exactly who YOU are the quicker you’ll be able to get back on your path when you find yourself looking around wondering “How did I get here?”.

YOU, Inc is about thinking of the authentic YOU from above & your career as your very own company.  YOU, Inc. is your personal brand.  It is your purpose & mission in action and your strategy for how you market & grow your company - YOU.  Your brand is your reputation, the unique skills & value you contribute, and the strength of the connections you’ve made in your network.  Like it or not, we are constantly being judged.  The way we dress, communicate, our body language, how we behave in our interactions with others, the quality of what we deliver...these are all part of our personal brand.  Do you know what your brand is or what you want it to be?  Are you living in alignment with your brand & mission?  Do you know how you are perceived vs. what you want the YOU, Inc. brand to be?  How are you marketing YOU, Inc.?  Do you have a strategy to grow & strengthen YOU, Inc.?

Be YOU + YOU, Inc. = the Authentic Success I wish for you