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Six Weeks to More Time & Energy - My Week 4 Check-In: Our Work

I can’t quite believe it is already October!  How are you feeling?  How are things coming along for you?  Have any questions?
My work check-in isn’t full of accomplishments as I once would have defined them in a more traditional sense…but progress has been made.
You’ve heard the saying…there’s a time to reap and there is a time to sow?  Well, I am definitely in a time of “sowing”.  I’m a little impatient, not seeing the type of progress that I had hoped to in my work.  I recently saw these very calming words in the book "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  If you find you are also in a time of “sowing”, and feeling a little frustrated by not seeing the results you expected  yet – I hope you find comfort in these words as well.
“By showing up.  Day in, day out.  By not judging how it’s going.  If it’s going at all, that’s enough.  You can’t afford to think about how the work will be received when you’re finished.  That’s not your job.  Remember, we’re learning to surrender the delivery details of our dreams.  Our job, then, is just to do it.  It can’t be published, produced, performed, or published if it doesn’t exist….
…Today it’s time for authentic “truth or dare.”  Dare yourself to believe in your creativity, wherever it may lead you.  Trust that where it leads is exactly where you’re supposed to be.  The word courage comes from the French word for the heart, Coeur.  Your authentic self knows where you’re headed.
…’Ever tried?  Ever failed?  No matter.’, Samuel Beckett insists.  ‘Try again.  Fail again.  Fail better.’”
And so it goes…showing up, doing the work with heart, and then letting go.  Knowing it will all come together as it is meant to as long as I show up each day and do my best.  
As part of this week’s focus though I have made a few shifts that have helped me be more productive.  I’ve got a million ideas running through my head for the business, and a million different things I want to do.  It leaves me a bit scattered, not finishing projects before I’m off thinking about and working on something new.  I’ve reigned myself in a bit, new ideas go into an Evernote notebook so wherever I am I can write an idea down.  I’ve limited myself to focusing on just one project, knowing the others are there in my notebook, there waiting for me when it’s time.
I’ve come to the realization that I am awful at estimating how much time things will take me in this new career.  It’s all so new…everything from coaching work itself to the technology I’m learning to use in support of it.  I’ve started adding 30 minutes to an hour onto everything as I schedule it.  It gives me a much more realistic target, and is leaving me feeling less frustrated at the end of each day. 
Another change I’ve implemented is incorporating a break every 90 minutes to re-energize.   I can spend hours in front of the computer when I start working, a whole day gone before I know what happened.  Breaking the day up and including small breaks is actually helping me get through things more quickly and efficiently.  I’ve also added classical music to my work environment.  It occurred to me as I was going through this week’s exercise that I am still working like I’m back in my old corporate environment.  One of the perks of working from home and doing what I’m doing is that I have a lot more flexibility, but I haven’t been fully taking advantage of it.  So now if I’m not on the phone with a client, I have some nice music playing in the background.  It helps me focus.
One last thing (shifting gears a bit to another kind of work) that I’ll share from my own process has to do with housework.  I hate it.  I don’t know many people that love it, but I truly hate it.  It seems like a giant waste of my time to me, which of course it isn’t because a cluttered environment is most unpleasant.  It has to be done, and I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me right now.  So my next step was to figure out how to make it less painful.  I have discovered  I have started listening to books on tape while I’m doing things around the house.  Now it feels like less of a waste of my time.  I’m distracted and if the book is really good, I find myself looking for what else I can do so I can keep listening! :-)  All that negativity about cleaning is gone, or at least the worst of it anyway! 
Hope you’re finding all this helpful and progressing in a way that is freeing time and energy up for more of what you want to do (or getting creative by “finding time” like I did with the cleaning and audio books).  I would love to hear what creative things you’ve come up with.
I wish you much happiness and success!  See you tomorrow for Week 5 – Our Money.
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