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Monday Morning Words of Wisdom

It's another snowy Monday here in Stuttgart, Germany.  Hope you have a wonderful week & please remember to tell all those that are important to you how much they mean to you!  Here's this week's Monday Morning Words of Wisdom:
"You may build a beautiful house, but eventually it will crumble.
You may develop a fine career, but one day it will be over.
You may save a great sum of money, but you can't take it with you.
You may be in superb health today, but in time it will decline.
You may take pride in your accomplishments, but someone will surpass you.
Discouraged?  Don't be, for the one thing that really matters, lasts forever - your friendships.
Life is too long to spend it with people who pull you in the wrong direction.  And it's too short not to invest in others.  Your relationships will define you.  And they will influence your talent - one way or the other.  Choose wisely"  ~John C. Maxwell in "Talent is Never Enough"