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Top 5 Indicators of High Potential Leaders

Are you identifying and developing the high potential future leaders on your team?  Interested in advancing but wondering if you have what it takes?  Consider the list below and whether you're showing up in a way that is consistent with the traits described.  

The attached HBR video describes these as the Top 5 Characteristics of high potential future leaders:


  1. The Right Motive - It isn't about the prestige for them, it's about making a difference.
  2. Posses four Leadership Assets:
    1. They know how to make sense of information and discover new ideas.
    2. They engage the emotions and logic of others to communicate a compelling vision.
    3. They demonstrate resolve and the ability to keep driving towards goals despite setbacks.
    4. They constantly seek out learning opportunities.
  3. Have a vision of themselves as a leader - Developing a team and making things happen.
  4. Have the right skills (or the ability to learn them).
  5. They have the specialized knowledge essential to the role.