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When One Door Closes Another Opens

I was talking to a friend recently whose department has just undergone cutbacks and a reorganization that has moved many of her coworkers into new, less-desirable positions.  My friend is one of the fortunate to still have her job and while she is relieved, she is understandably also sad for the coworkers and friends that lost their jobs.  She has worked with many of them for years and said she has survivor’s guilt.  Throw in that it sounds like the reorg was handled badly by leadership and it makes for a very tough, emotional time.  My heart goes out to all that are going through a tough time like this.  Please know that this too shall pass. 

These are uncertain, difficult times for many and my hope is that if you’re undergoing a loss or change that it is only a launching off point for you to move onto bigger and better things.  One door is closing but another one is opening.  Maybe you’ve known the old door was closing for a long time but only this kick in the pants finally forced you to see it?   Maybe you’ve been running so hard and fast that you completely missed the signs that it was closing?  Or maybe this is just one of those surprises, one of those “shit happens” moments in life that we can’t explain and it plain sucks.  Whatever it is…it is what it is.  We can stay stuck for too long staring at the closed door, wishing it would re-open or being angry at it for being closed, but it doesn’t change the reality that it is closed.  While we’re staring at the closed door, another one is there waiting for us to step through.  If only we would turn around, great things await!  We miss the big open door that will move us forward and onto what’s next for us, onto new and exciting things (when we’re ready to see them that way).  Change is never easy.  Even when self-induced it can suck so forget about it when it is forced on us by events outside our control!  Often though, in hindsight, we realize that it was exactly the push we needed.  We learn from it, use it, look for the door that has opened and find the courage to step through.  

Don't be the victim in this story, it is yours to create so be the hero or heroine!  You’re only just getting started on a new chapter!

When I look back, most every time when I have felt rejected or disappointed about something or struggled with a change, I realized later it was only what was best for me, it made me a stronger person and led to better things in the end.  Of course if you read an earlier blog I wrote, you also know I pretty much live by “everything is what we make of it”, thanks to that old boyfriend's words of wisdom that have stuck with me.

For friends/coworkers that are struggling with survivor’s guilt like my friend, maybe a great way to be there for those you care about is to help them with getting excited about finding the door that is opening.  After you’ve consoled them, mourned the loss and change, help your friend turn away from the closed door and find the open one.  It’s there & great things await them!

Wish you all the very best and a big flashing neon sign pointing towards the open door that moves you onto living your unique purpose and greatness.  As your coach, I'm here to help you find it and support you & cheer you on as you move your life forward!

I had a wonderful vacation but is great to be back!