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Adventures in Wardrobe Malfunctions - June 22

Hello All!  I'm happy to be in the US visiting family on this beautiful Friday!

Thank you for sharing your funny stories, keep them coming!

I have just spent pretty much the entire day meeting with our business clients in another building.  It is the end of a very long 12 hours that included a lunch meeting.  I am in my office trying to catch up and get organized for the next day. I have a few hundred new emails (I am not making this up, I can't believe it either.), and several new meeting requests.  There really is only so much you can do on a blackberry.  I need to get through the important ones before I leave. It has been a long day of arguing, and difficult meetings.  At this point, I am just happy to have the peace and quiet since most everyone else is already gone for the day.  My boss walks in.  "What's going on with this project?  Why isn't that activity already completed? So and so doesn't like this project manager, they're not working out.  Where are we on the financials?"
I'm answering all the questions.  "The architects can't agree on the design so I have to meet with them to finalize tomorrow.  Already took care of that, called so and so to resolve it earlier.  Let me go pick up the financials from the printer to walk you through where we are."  I get back from the printer, and he says "What is that on your sweater?"  I look down, I have just spent this entire day with the size of my sweater in bold black lettering stuck over my right breast.  Ugh.  New sweater.