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Getting to Know YOU, Inc.

I shared a link last week to the Harvard Business Review article, “What’s Your Story?”. 
So….what is your professional story?  When you’re networking with people that may be able to help you, are you able to articulate your story in a way that is compelling, makes it clear to them how they can help you, and want to help you?  When speaking to potential employers, are you able to share the value you will bring to the organization?  Why is it in their best interest to hire you?  Does your story give you clarity regarding who you should even be talking to?  Are you clear on the types of people, corporate culture, and work that will allow you to thrive and love your work?
Here are some questions that I hope will help you on the road to better know, grow, value and market YOU, Inc.  
Please don’t overwhelm yourself with this all at once.  Set aside some quiet time, schedule 30-60 minute segments over the next few weeks and label it – ME, Inc.  Make your way through these with open curiosity.  There is no beating yourself up or comparison to others allowed!  Everything in your life has brought you to this point.  Relax and know it is perfect, right now, for you exactly the way it is.  Be open to all your experiences have to teach, and have already taught, you.  All of your experiences, talents, knowledge, perceived failures…all of these things culminate in the unique, important contributions you have made, and will make in the future.
1.) What are you super powers?  What are you doing when you are at your greatest? (Don’t limit this to work, think about things you love outside of work, and things you’ve done in the past that have felt great.)
2.) You’re creating your ideal work day, what does it look like?  
a. What type of people and activities give you energy?
b. Who do you surround yourself with?  What are the weaknesses you acknowledge in yourself and know you need people around you that help in those areas?
c. Do you get energy from collaborating with people, want quiet space to think and work, or a combination of the two?
d. Are you in an office, or out and about?
e. Do you have a set work schedule, or do you want flexibility?
f. What are you contributing?  
g. Why is this work important to you?
h. What excites you about the work you’re doing?  Why do you do it?
3.) Who do you do this work for?  What type of company do you want to be a part of, and help succeed?  What type of person do you want to work for?
4.) Make these lists:
a. What are your skills, everything from what you’re competent at to what you’re truly great at?
b. Sketch out an overview of your job history.
c. Your world view; your values and what is most important in life to you.
d. How people describe you.  What are the strengths and weaknesses feedback you’ve received over the years?
e. Your lessons learned in your professional career so far.
f. What do you want less of in your life, what do you want more of?
5.) What’s the theme that has emerged from this exercise?
6.) What are 3-5 key things that you want people to think of when they think of you?
Want help working through these?  As your coach, I can help you accelerate this process and reach your goals.  If not me, find a coach that you work well with.  I can't say enough about how important I think having a coach is.  A coach will help you focus and get what you truly want, and do it in the most efficient, direct way.  And if a coach isn't doable right now, find an accountability partner.  Find someone that will support you, hold you accountable for staying on track, that you trust to bounce ideas off of, and that will be honest with you.