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My Week 1 Check in: Six Weeks to More Energy & Time for What is Most Important to You

How did your Week 1 go?  Just checking in with my own progress after Week 1 – Personal Environment. I’ve been able to knock out the smaller things things on my list, and have two that are still in progress.  
Here is some of my progress this week:
I made it to IKEA.  That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment for me!  I really hate going to IKEA.  After only a short time there I feel overwhelmed by the crowd of people and the enormity of IKEA itself, and I just want out!  While there I got the wooden hangers I needed so I could get the clothes on metal hangers off.  Now those, along with the rest of my enormous metal hanger collection, are all back at the cleaners where they belong. Also cleaned out the closet, the things I'm not going to wear got taken to Goodwill or added to those boxes I’m going to ship, and I swapped in fall clothes.  I can’t quite believe the space I cleared out in the closet, and it’s nice to no longer have things falling off the metal hangers.
I know this one sounds a little crazy, but I don’t have a dryer here and after a while it really starts to bug me that we don’t have soft, fluffy sheets and towels.  Even with using fabric softener, hanging them up to dry leaves them feeling stiff and scratchy.  So I made the laundry mat run that I’ve been avoiding and have a linen closet full of soft, fluffy towels and sheets.  But seriously, it's the little things that can make us happy.   
A few other things on my list had more sub-steps, and I haven’t quite finished but I’ve made progress.  I did get customs forms to fill out so I can ship the three boxes of clothes I’ve been meaning to ship for months.  I have scheduled the remaining things I need to take care of, and those boxes will be on their way by next Thursday.  They’re sitting there taking up space when my friend could be using them, or the ones she can’t use can be donated to Dress for Success  for all the wonderful work they do to help women.  
This last one though, I don’t entirely have my arms around yet.  I haven’t gotten management of our condo in Atlanta addressed quite like I had hoped.  You know how this feels I know.  I’ve run into one thing after the other.  This past weekend I was pretty sure the entire Universe was working against me with all the different things I had going on with my computer and printer, and their web site and our online account.  I wanted to throw my computer out the window.  After another email today that has me so angry I can’t respond right now, I realized that I need to regroup on this one.  It needs more time than I anticipated, and a schedule that includes ongoing maintenance and follow-up.  My “little bit here, little bit there” approach isn’t working.  I don’t have this time today or tomorrow, so I’ve blocked out a chunk of time on Thursday to do whatever it takes to get this one to a place I’m happy with.  And while I’ve been frustrated by my lack of progress, my realization today and getting it scheduled has me feeling much better. 
Knowing I have a schedule for knocking out these last two things frees up my energy and focus for the other things I want to get done that have a higher priority for me over the next week or so.  There is something about having things free-floating in our heads that stresses us out.  It keeps popping into your heads, "oh yeah, need to get to that", followed by feeling stressed by this and all the other things we need to address.   Having it on a list, knowing what needs to be done and a schedule to take care of it makes most everything much less daunting.  Whatever our challenge or big goal…breaking it down into doable, schedulable activities makes even the most enormous task seem so much less overwhelming than the fuzzy, keeps coming up that we need to take care of monster we can create in our heads.
See you tomorrow for Week 2 - Our Family/Community!