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My Week 3 - Well Being Check-in: Six Weeks to More Energy & Time for What is Most Important to You

Guten Tag from Deutshland!  Another week of progress, starting to really feel the difference thanks to the little bit of time I’ve put into focusing my “to do’s” more.  How are you doing?  How has your focus this week on your well-being gone?  I hope you’re starting to feel the rewards as well.
So my check-in!  I absolutely love the belly dancing class I signed up for.  It is so much fun!  The teacher is great, and it is such a lively group of women.  I think it’s probably some kind of a rule though that if you sign up for belly dancing class, you must like to have fun.  So when I’m isolating, snapping my hips and shimmying away it takes me back to grade school when we used to have contests to see whose skirt twirled the best.   Only now I’m trying to see how much jingle I can get from my hip scarf coin belt.  The music is fun and a little exotic.  I tried to take a class once before and didn’t like it as much.  This teacher’s style of teaching is making all the difference.   I like how she is already putting a little choreography together for us, and encouraging us to let go and have a little fun with it.  And it is a surprisingly decent workout!   So I’m smiling like an idiot, dancing away to exotic music AND getting a workout.  Talk about improving my well-being!  I’ve always loved to dance, so this was perfect for me.  I've decided that I need to get my husband back to salsa lessons with me too!  
What about you?  What did you love to do when you were younger?  What hobby or activity have you been thinking of trying for years?  Did you try something and it didn’t work out?  Maybe it was the teacher or circumstances at the time, but this time you’ll find the right fit.
Another thing on my list this week was to get signed up for a 10K at the end of October and start my training.  Check and check, both of those are done.  I’m happy to have a race to train for again, it’s been awhile.
Those boxes that have been nagging me are checked off my list, along with other organizational type things that have made life simpler.  I very much enjoyed book club last week, we had a good conversation over dinner about this month’s book.  I’m hosting a small gathering this evening, and looking forward to seeing the ladies tonight while we catch up over a little Prosecco, food…and I really hope someone can teach me how to properly knit in the round on these circular needles.  
I feel very good, energy level is definitely edging upward.  Oh, and scale edged down this week, another thing to celebrate!  What are  you celebrating this week?  You deserve to celebrate the big and small accomplishments, you’ve earned it!  So take a moment right now to think back over the last three weeks and celebrate each and every win, good hair day, accomplishment, and when you did what you needed to, even when you felt like quitting.
Last week I still wasn’t quite feeling it, but this week it seems like I’ve started to gain momentum.  So if you’re feeling like I did last week, your time is coming, just stick with it.  This is an ongoing process of focusing our time and energy on what we want more of, and removing as much of what we don’t want in our lives as possible.  You’re building momentum and you’re going to turn that corner very soon.  Hang in there!  See you tomorrow for Week 4 – Work.  This one is a biggie for me as I continue to figure out my way in a whole new world for me, navigating starting my coaching business and being a first time entrepreneur (in a country where I don’t speak the language very well).
I very much hope you’re having a great week.  I highly recommend getting your groove on if not…especially if there is a belly dancing hip scarf coin belt involved. ;-)  See you tomorrow.