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Back to School: Six Weeks to More Energy & Time for What is Most Important to You

Happy first Wednesday of September 2012!  As I mentioned last week, I still look at “Back to School” time as the beginning of my year.  It’s actually a great time to set our “New Year’s resolutions”.  The ones made on January 1 are often done in a time of near desperation, made in an exhausted haze after a crazy busy, full holiday and end of year season.  I invite you to jump in with me now so we can roll into this New Year ahead of the game, ready to tackle a new year like never before.  
If you already have all the time and energy you need, serious congrats to you for already having life and career that you’re rockin’.  For the everyone else, let's get ready to start clearing out the things that are cluttering up our lives and minds to make room for what is most important to us and our well-being.  Our environment can set us up for a happier, more productive life, or it can slow us down and zap our energy.  I wrote a blog on tolerations in January, but as a refresher:  Tolerations are those things that you put up with every day that distract you from being able to give your time and energy to more important things.  By zapping these tolerations, we are setting our environment up in a way that supports us, and we free up time and energy to devote to a higher quality of life.
Let's get started...Imagine a goldfish.  Her name is "Fish".  Your friend calls you up because she is very concerned about Fish.  She tells you that Fish just isn't herself these days.  She's sluggish, and just doesn't seem like her once swimmingly happy self.  She tells you she’s done everything she can think of to make Fish feel better.  She thought maybe adding more fish "bling" might help. So she bought one of those cool diver guys and a treasure chest that opens and closes to spruce up Fish’s bowl.  And while it interested her briefly, it was fleeting.  She thought maybe more food would make Fish happy, but Fish only got fat and worse.  Then she thought maybe a bigger bowl would make Fish happy, but sadly no.  And then she realized that it must be that Fish is lonely, so she ran out and bought another goldfish and named him Chip.  Then the craziest thing happened, Chip started off great but now he's sluggish too!  She doesn't know what else to do.  She has started moving them around to different places in her apartment, thinking maybe a change in scenery will help, but she isn't seeing any improvement.  She asks for your help, "Please come over and see what you think."  You hate to see your friend so distraught, and certainly want Fish & Chip to be happy and healthy.  And hey, bonus, she offered to cook dinner.  You agree to stop by after work.  You arrive at her apartment, your friend is eager to take you to Fish & Chip for your diagnoses.  Now imagine you walk into the dining room where Fish & Chip are currently located, the first thing you see are two goldfish swimming in cloudy, dirty water, struggling to breathe.  “How is this possible?” you think.   Who doesn't keep the water clean as a part of the normal care and feeding of fish?  And this water is so dirty, it hasn’t been cleaned in a while!  But if we take a step back, and the water is the environment we're "swimming" in, don't we all do this?  We let things build up.  We have cluttered our lives with stuff we never use or can't because it is broken, those things we keep meaning to take care of, a zillion emails we're subscribed to but never look at, financial concerns that we bury our head in the sand about, unresolved issues at work or with people in our lives.  And then instead of focusing on cleaning up our environment so we're able to "swim" more freely and with more energy, we start looking outside ourselves to make ourselves feel better.  Maybe if I buy more stuff I'll feel better, maybe if I eat this I'll feel better, maybe if I move to this bigger house I'll feel better, maybe this new relationship will make me feel better...So no matter how clean or dirty your “water” is, we’re going to make progress that I promise is going to make it so you can “swim” much more freely and happily.  I'm happy to be going on this journey with you over the next 6 weeks.  I'm going to be doing the homework right along with you, and reporting back.  This week we're going to start with our personal environment.  Click here to sign up and get this first week's workbook.  Each Wednesday we'll tackle a new area, and we'll progress in this order:
Week 1 - Our Personal Environment
Week 2 - Our Family/Community
Week 3 - Our Well Being
Week 4 - Our Work Life
Week 5 - Our Money
Week 6 - Living with Intention & 10 Daily habits
I'll post a blog with my own progress on Tuesday.  I encourage you to share what you’re learning.  It always helps you truly grasp a concept when you turn the tables and teach it.  Plus you get the feel good bonus of paying it forward.  Each week you’ll build momentum, and you are going to be amazed at how much better you feel as you progress through each week.  I really want this for you.  So as some added incentive to stick with it, we’re going to make a game of it.  Those of you that do the homework and share your progress on my Tuesday blog post, or email them if shy (but know your progress will inspire others), will score points each week.  Prizes will be sent out to our top scorers.  So have fun with this, you deserve to be swimming happily in beautiful, pristine water!  

Register here & your worksheet will be emailed to you.  Once registered you'll get each week's worksheet emailed to you, so only need to do this once.

Six Weeks to More Time & Energy for What is Most Important to You.


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