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4 Ways to Re-frame Challenges

Facing a challenge that has you upset or stressed out?  This is a great article on how to focus our thinking and language in ways that keep us moving forward instead of heading into a downward spiral.  My blog title removed the "career" from the title and says only challenges because these really work anytime we get into WPO-brain".  
Also wanted to share another tool for your toolbox that I've found to be very useful.  Let's use the scenario in the article:
"Let’s say your issue is the impending division sale. Your WPO (worst possible outcome)-brain is probably telling you this: I’ve given this group my best for the last five years. Now everything is up for grabs. There’s nothing we can do if the new company doesn’t want us. And how can we do our work with this cloud over our heads? I better start job searching pronto. But in this job market I’ll never find anything good."
First you have to be conscious of the story your WPO-brain has created.  And  often we notice that we're feeling stressed out, angry, afraid, etc before we realize we've worked up a story like the one above.  So when you find yourself feeling these things, ask yourself: "What would I have to believe to feel this way?"  This brings up all the stuff you're telling yourself, your whole big story.  Consciously voicing your story like this will cause your BS meter to go off immediately over some of what comes out, but for the rest of it ask this question:  "Is this really true?"  Is it?  Do you really know that you'll never find anything good out there?  Can you really not do your work?  Is all your hard work over the last 5 years really for nothing? 
As for job searching pronto, we should all always be prepared and doing things along the way in anticipation of these kinds of things.  Hopefully you're doing that, but if not then yes, you should definitely get to work on your resume, connect with your network to be aware of opportunities that you're a great fit for, know your story, and all those other good career management activities you need to be doing.
And as for there being nothing you can do about whether the new company will want you, this mentality will affect the quality of your work and is a ticket on the fast train to them not wanting you.  Doing a new job search in this state isn't going to be ideal either.