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Yes! Wait, I Mean - No Thank You.


I heard Danielle Laporte say this in an interview today:  "That 'no, thank you' today can lead to the right 'yes' later on".  It stopped me in my 2014 planning tracks.  I didn't even realize I was doing it, filling my year with goals and planning it all out.  This idea of leaving space for both the amazing things life can surprise us with (if we allow it to), and for focusing on the things that are most important to us this year made me take a breath and pause.  What if we only pick a few key goals (that align with our core desired feelings of course)?

Picking only a few key things to focus on requires saying no to other things.  It can be scary saying no. What if we make a mistake?  What if no one else offers us another opportunity?  What if they never ask again?  What if we upset someone?  What if we miss out?  

What if?

What if we don't cram our 2014 planning with a bunch of goals that we think we "should" want?  What if we worry less about what others think, and make feeling good and doing work we care about a priority?  What if we say "no thank you" to situations, relationships, clutter in our lives, and habits that just aren't good for us this year? What if, this year, we allow ourselves to focus....and let go of the rest?  We're not missing out on anything.  In the same interview she said something to the effect that focus is difficult, but the results are worth it.  We know we can't do a million things at once well. We just can't.  

So what if this year we pick a theme for the year, get clear on how we want to feel on a daily basis, and then pick a few big goals that are worth our focus and effort?  What if we let go of all the "shoulds", let go of worrying that we're missing out, and let go of people, situations, and the things we're saying "yes" to, but know it's time to say "no thank you".

What do you want to say, "no thank you" to this year?

I wish you the space & courage for all the right "yes's" and the very best in 2014.