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Perfectionism vs. Excellence

This is a good little article from Psychology Today, "Pursuing Excellence, Not Perfection", to help make some key distinctions between perfectionism vs. excellence.  Perfectionism is going to be the death of too many.  It has had me in its grip more than a few times, but think I can now call myself a recovered perfectionist.
These are two of my favorite distinctions from the article:
 - Perfectionists value themselves by what they do. Pursuers of excellence value themselves by who they are.
 - Perfectionists hate criticism; pursuers of excellence see criticism as a way to learn.
What other ways would you make the distinction between pursuing perfection vs. excellence?  
One I would add:
 - Perfectionists try to control every aspect of things and force specific outcomes.  Pursuers of excellence give their very best, and then knowing they've done all they can leave the outcome specifics to the Universe...knowing however it plays out is in fact, perfect.