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12 Valuable Questions to Ask in Your Next Interview

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Any good interviewer will ask you at the end of the interview if you have any questions for them.  It is very important that you ask some great questions of your own.  You learn valuable information not just for the current interview, but knowledge that can also better prepare you for the next interview - whether the next interview is for the same job, for a different job with the same company, or for a completely different opportunity. By asking great questions you not only show interest in the company and how you can help them, but also allow yourself to get a feel for the company culture so you know whether it is a fit for you.  Remember, this isn't about finding any job, it is about finding the job that is the right fit for both you and the employer!  And then there is also the valuable insight you can gain about additional skills or experience you may need to better highlight or acquire for the role you're after.

The key here though is to ask great questions.  It is NOT about asking questions that you should know the answers to already (“What does the position entail?) or questions that make it all about you (“What is your vacation policy?”)

Here are 12 great questions you can to choose from for your next job interview. Obviously they're generic and will need to be tailored to your circumstances:

1) Who would make the ideal candidate for this position?

2) How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the organization’s mission?

3) What did you like most about the last person who held this position?  What, if anything, do you think they could have done differently?

4) What are three ways I can contribute to the company beyond the job description?

5) How can I best contribute to the department’s goals?

6) How do you see this role contributing to the corporate culture and morale?

7) What do you see as the biggest challenges of working here and how can I overcome those challenges?

8) What are the key opportunities/challenges for you and the team right now?  

9) What are 3 things you want me to accomplish in the first 90 days?

10) What is your vision for where the company or department will be in one to two years? 

11) How can I best help you and the team succeed?

12) What do you love about working at (insert name of company)?

It is important to do your homework.  The more research you do in advance, the more specific questions can be about the company’s recent news, contracts, partnerships, blog posts, product launches, plans, etc. But here’s the bottom line:

Ask questions based on your genuine interest in the organization and how you can contribute to their success.

Are there any questions you would add?  What questions have you used in the past that have been helpful?  Or if you interview people, what are some great questions you've been asked?

Happy Job Hunting!  I know it can be brutal at times, but the right job for you is out there.  Stay positive and open to what you learn during the job search process, there's much to be gained from seeing it all as an opportunity to improve and grow.