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We Get Better At What We Practice

"So what are you practicing?


  • barely making deadlines
  • skeptically shooting down new ideas
  • being generous
  • doing art
  • grumbling
  • looking for opportunities
  • dreaming pipe dreams
  • giving useful feedback"


~From the book "The Icarus Deception:  How High Will You Fly?" by Seth Godin

I needed to read this today.  What we do on a consistent basis is what we are "practicing".  What we're practicing is what we're focusing on.  What we're focusing on expands.  I've been "practicing" these things:


  • running
  • complaining about the weather in Germany
  • writing
  • learning new things
  • begrudgingly doing things I don't want to and being REALLY cranky about it
  • drinking wine
  • travel
  • beating myself up because I haven't lost that last 10-15 pounds (possible cause - see wine bullet above)
  • being angry
  • cooking


I could go on, but as you see - it's a mixed bag.  I have some things that I am "practicing" and getting good at that I don't want to be good at.

What about you, what are you practicing?