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Top 5 Questions on Coaching

Below is a list of the most frequent questions I've received so far.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please go to the contact page and send your question(s).  If you have a question, you can be sure someone else does too so you're helping them as well.

1.)  What is Coaching exactly?  

Coaching is all about you.  I'm similar to the personal trainer you hire at a gym, only our focus is on building your career instead of your biceps.  It is one-on-one time focused with a collaborative partner on you getting crystal clear about what is most important to you and the life you want to live.  Then putting a plan together to get you where you want to go and following through with execution.  It's about taking your life to the next level.  It requires your active participation and commitment to discovery, growth, and being open and honest about what you find along the way.  As your coach, I care deeply about you creating what you say you want.  I hold you accountable and keep you moving forward towards you dreams and goals.  My mission is to discover and promote your mission, purpose and specific agenda.

2.)  What is the frequency and duration of sessions normally?

Sessions normally last 30-45 minutes with 3-4 sessions monthly depending on the client.  I often start with new clients at weekly 30 minute sessions or three 45min sessions for the first month or two.  Then once we've established a rhythm we move to three 30 minute sessions a month.  This is entirely dependent on you as the client and your needs.  Remember, this is all about you.

3.)  Where do we meet?

Coaching sessions are done over the phone.  Due to the nature of coaching and the deep discussion and thought involved, it is best for you to be in a quiet place alone where there is nothing else to distract you.  This will allow you to get the very most of our time together.

4.)  What do I work on with/get from a coach?

Again, this could be a very long list.  As a leadership & career coach my focus is on life skills as well as career and leadership.  I don't believe we can box our lives up nicely into little compartments.  Our careers impact our personal lives and vice versa.  It's an integrated life of what you want that we work towards. 

    • Tackling a new role, promotion or lateral move
    • Defining and marketing your personal brand
    • Identifying and going after what you want, the career & life you want
    • Overcoming obstacles at work and home; strategies for addressing self-limiting behaviors that hold you back
    • Support and honest feedback about where you're strong and also on where you give up or hold back
    • Improving interpersonal skills
    • Business Success
    • Career Success
    • Personal Success
    • Establishing a strong personal foundation, getting clear on what is most important to you
    • Negotiating and asking for what you want
    • A career change
    • Toleration, things you're putting up with in your life that are slowing you down and you're ready to change
    • Learn coaching skills to be a better leader or coach
    • Celebration and acknowledgement of your progress and wins
    • Benefit from the many years of life, business and management experience your coach has amassed

5.)  What are the benefits of coaching?

This list could go on and on, here are just some of the benefits you'll reap from a successful coaching partnership:

    • Superior performance
    • A strong personal foundation
    • A clear understanding of what you want and a strategy/road map to get there
    • Accountability for doing what you say you're going to do
    • Increased awareness, a creative and collaborative partner to brainstorm new ideas & solutions
    • Support for the newly promoted to not just cope with new responsibilities but thrive in their new role
    • New perspectives that take the blinders off and lead to "Ah-ha!" moments
    • Improved problem solving capabilities
    • Support for career changers in making their dream job a reality
    • Become more effective, assertive in dealing with people
    • Reduce stress levels
    • Greater confidence
    • Improved relationships
    • Improve leadership and interpersonal skills
    • Greater self-awareness
    • Improve adaptability to change